As winners of the last edition of the IPL, Chennai Super Kings had a lot of expectations going into the tournament this year. 

Expectations that they have sadly not been able to fulfill. For the first time in the history of the Indian  Premier League, CSK have lost their first 3 games. much to the disappointment of their very loyal fans.

Writing them off wouldn’t be a good idea, given that the tournament is still in its early stages, but this sure is a wake-up call and they must pay heed to it with complete urgency. 

Here are some of the reactions from people about CSK’s performance and this unwanted record.

Amid all this, there has also been a conversation about Ravindra Jadeja’s captaincy. While it is not fair to pass definitive judgments about someone’s leadership based on just 3 games, criticism in such a situation is inevitable. Speaking on the matter, Jadeja noted:

I have been preparing since Dhoni bhai told me a few months ago for captaincy, mentally I was ready to lead and I don’t have pressure. Dhoni bhai does give his inputs. We are lucky to have him.

They are lucky to have Dhoni, indeed. A tough road ahead but history is proof that if there is any team that can cross this bridge, it’s CSK.