Those who watched the IPL final between Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians, know how CSK went from needing 42 runs off 24 deliveries at one point, to taking the match to literally the last ball.ย 

What most of us don't know is that Shane Watson - the person who made this possible with his outstanding 80-run innings - was badly injured while he was playing.ย 

Splitting open his knee while taking a dive to save his wicket, Watson continued batting with a bleeding one in hope of seeing his side home.ย 

He later got 6 stitches, an information shared by his teammate Harbhajan Singh with a disturbing picture that shows his knee soaked in blood.ย 

CSK ended up losing the last ball thriller by one run but Watson's heroics and dedication will go down as one of IPL's most historic moments.ย 

Blood, sweat and tears: He put it all into the game and put it literally. What a champion!