Fame, glamour, looks and money, he has it all. But that is not why we love him so dearly. When it comes to free kicks, there are very few people you would put in front of David Beckham. From the way he looked around the wall to spot where he wanted the ball to go to how effortlessly he would bend it to how the net bulged inevitably and the keepers were left stranded. For years, he was king of dead ball situations, especially free kicks. On the occasion of his 40th birthday, we bring to you some of the greatest free kicks of his career.


But if you think the fine winger was just about the bend and the free kicks, you have another thing coming. Here is a compilation that proves how the ex-England captain was a complete player and not only a dead ball specialist:


And finally, we all know how amazing his crossing and passing was. He was a dream for the forwards to have in the team. Such great delivery and brilliantly weighted crosses that required nothing more than a touch for the ball to finish in the back of the net. Here is why he is by far one of the best crossers in history:


The game of football misses you, Dave. Have a happy 40th!