Who between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo is the better player?

We know who. It’s Messi. 

But well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and anyway, it’s a trivky business.

You know, it’s like, when a galaxy is 200 light years away and another one is 250 light years away –  they are so far from us, the difference between the two doesn’t matter.

However, just when people accept this fact, someone starts the debate again. This time, it’s David Beckham. To quote the former England star:

He (Messi) is alone in his class as a player, it is impossible that there is another like him. He, like Cristiano Ronaldo, who is not at his level, are both above the rest.

Not at his level! NOT at his level. Fights had to happen after that, and they did.

We are now having a war amid a pandemic. Great.