Today, ESPN Cricinfo tweeted asking people who they thought the most underrated player in the IPL was. The usual suspects, like Robin Uthappa, Sandeep Singh among others featured in the replies and the QTs. 

But there was one unlikely winner. And not unlikely because he doesn’t deserve but because Amit Mishra isn’t a household name, neither does he feature regularly on TV as a guest. And our people’s short term memory problems can make anybody make presumptions. 

India TV

That said, it’s so heartening to see Indian cricket fans never forgetting one of their own. Mishra’s career in the IPL and the Indian team might have been on a bad run for a while, but it is so cool to see that he’s left millions with memories that they can always cherish. 

Amit Mishra, who currently wears the Delhi Capitals jersey in the IPL has taken 166 wickets with four 4-wicket hauls and one 5-wicket haul, 3 hat-tricks, all that an average of 24! If the circumstances were a bit different, then perhaps Mishra would have been winning Twitter polls as one of the greatest IPL players. That said, the night is till young and Mishra is still playing.