This is Dharamveer Singh Pal, the unofficial 12th man of the Indian cricket team. 


Hailing from MP, this 23-year-old ballboy contracted polio when he was 18 months old, which left him immobile from the waist down.


He’s been an avid cricket fan his whole life, and managed to get in with the team through his passion for the game. He now travels everywhere with the Boys in Blue, who take care of his expenses and consider him family. He is also captain of India’s differently-abled cricket team.


He uses his arms to walk, can move at exceptional speed and has a stunning throw. He told Cricfit,

”I am ready for any challenge life throws at me. I don’t see myself as handicapped, this is the way I am and I am strong, I can do any work. Anything, any big job. I can take any job.”

Veer’s enthusiasm for the game has also turned him into the unofficial mascot of the Indian team.  He’s pretty sure about how he wants his life to go, saying,

“I want to be connected with cricket till my last breath and support Men in Blue till then. You know, I am an inspiration for all those people who think that Polio disease didn’t let them do anything.”

What an inspiration!