When MS Dhoni started out as a cricketer, he just wanted to earn 30 lakhs so that he could live a peaceful life in Ranchi. 

Yes, if former India opener Wassim Jaffer is to be believed, Dhoni shared this with him during his initial cricketing years.

Safe to say that plan didn't work out. By a long shot.

MS Dhoni old photo
Source: Times of India

Going back home was never an option once he started playing, and later leading the team. As a captain, he led India to 2 World Cup wins and a Champions Trophy victory.

There were, of course, many other accomplishments on the way and while we haven't seen him in a while, nothing takes away from the fact that he is one of our best captains.

dhoni wanted to quit cricket
Source: Success Stories

Another interesting fact about Dhoni, though, is that he never really planned on becoming a cricketer.

In fact he, wasn't even interested in the sport. He was always into football.

But one thing led to another and he never looked back.

MS Dhoni wanted to live peacefully in Ranchi
Source: Dailyhunt

This year's Indian Premier League was the first time we were going to see Dhoni after the World Cup semi-final, 2019. That couldn't happen due to the coronavirus outbreak but we can't wait to see him make a comeback once everything settles down.