Former captain of the Indian Cricket team, M.S. Dhoni has two loves — cricket and bikes. And just a slight peek into their gorgeous home and you’ll know he’s totally taken his love for bikes to the next level.

b’Source: Instagram’

In her Instagram story, Sakshi Dhoni posted pictures of their Ranchi mansion.


And OMG! It’s literally all of our dream homes combined.


While the house is a literal contemporary mansion, the best part about it lies outside of it — Dhoni’s bike collection and the bikes’ mansion of their own.

Housed in a luxurious stable of sorts, his entire army of two-wheeled mean machines are any biker’s dream come true.


Yep, it’s a vision! Let’s marvel at it for a few moments more before we get back to our pleb life and pleb modes of transport and parking.

Here’s a picture of his lawn to rub some salt on your pleb wounds.


While he enjoys his bike, we all can go take a hike. 


All images sourced from Sakshi Dhoni’s Instagram.