To say the end of the Australian innings on day three of the final Test in Dharamsala was dramatic would be an understatement. Josh Hazlewood was facing Ashwin Ravichandran with just one wicket remaining for Australia. He edged it to Murali Vijay at second slip, where he took a low catch and started celebrating, before running back to the dressing room to get ready for India’s innings.

In the meantime, the umpires wanted to review the catch. The third umpire, after multiple replays, couldn’t find enough evidence that the catch was clean, so the decision was overturned. In a moment of hilarity, the entire Indian team had to come back to the center to finish the innings. 

Vijay did not seem pleased. He was confident that he took the catch. But one more person was not pleased. Not one bit. It was Australian captain Steve Smith, who was caught swearing on air. 

We are entirely not sure if he said f**king cheat — lip reading is not an exact science, you know. But here’s the footage of the incident.

And here’s how Twitter reacted to the whole thing. 

With the benefit doubt given to Smith (it could have been s**t, for all we know), if he indeed said that, we can’t help but think it was a bit harsh. It was not fully evident if Vijay indeed dropped it — it’s conclusive at best.

But anyway, you really didn’t think we’d go another day in this series without a controversy, did you?

Featured image: BCCI