Close matches, thrilling finishes, touching speeches – I love all of that. You know what I love even more? Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal together outside the tennis court.

Yes, it’s a treat to watch them compete against each other, but their bromance is equally beautiful. 

And what better place to witness that, than Laver Cup? The two legends are part of team Europe, which – safe to say – is the strongest side in the tournament.

As they attend press conferences and go for practice sessions, the pictures and videos are pouring in and I have seen all of them a 100 times. Here’s a compilation of them all in one place. You’re welcome.

There’s no point having love in your life if love doesn’t help you dress up like this.

Or looks at you like you’re the most precious thing on this planet.

Because in this rough, rocky life – you will need support.

And you will need someone to make you laugh during big, awkward gatherings.

So you gotta find someone with whom you share common passions.

But also, someone who can be goofy and fun with you.

A person who compliments you like no one else.

And above all, the person who makes you unbeatable. 

I know you don’t want this list to end but sadly, I got to. These two will be the death of me.