With the FIFA Women’s World Cup starting today, a sport fan’s month is now complete. The best footballers from across the world are fighting it out to win the title and it is something we can all take pride in.

Because they are not just fighting each other, they are also fighting the prejudices, the sexism and the indifference towards women’s tournaments.

However, as they step on the ground, you’d best believe they have just one thing in their minds – to ‘kick some balls’. 

The same has been portrayed well in FIFA’s ad for the Women’s World Cup, which is so inspiring, it gives you chills. 

It asks important questions. Like, this one.

And this.


It challenges the stereotypes.

And forces us to re-evaluate things.

Women’s football usually makes news only when things go wrong and we find ourselves reading about the injustice more than the excellence. 

It can change and it should. Let us make sure it is not another tournament that just came and went. These women are good, and they deserve the attention. That’s the least we can do, anyway.


Here’s the full ad. Watch it for some goosebumps. 

Can’t emphasise our appreciation enough for these women. Let’s get this done!