The FIFA World Cup has nothing to do with India. Hosted in Brazil, it did not have India participating. In fact, India has never participated in the tournament in its entire history. But the 2014 edition was a different story.

It was like football fever had gripped the cricket crazy nation. For 30 days, football was the talk of the town. Despite most of the matches being held after midnight, Indians all over the country stayed up to watch the spectacle unfold.

Everybody was divided by their loyalty to various factions but at the end of the day, we were all rooting for the same cause. Offices, homes, pubs and sports bars saw passion and emotions like never before. From the opening encounter to the epic finale, it was quite a journey. And even when it ended, the nation finally knew what it felt like to rise as one. Football in India had become more than just a sport.

This video shows how the FIFA World Cup made the nation rise as one.