More than the heady mix of passion, excitement and tension, the thing football is remembered for are the different kinds of football fans that seem to suddenly pop up from nowhere. They are loud, opinionated and they will make a mark no matter what happens or who wins! Here are the 15 kinds of Football lovers we have in India.

1. The guy who writes “Gooooooalllllllllllllll” on Facebook everytime a team scores a goal.

2. The guy who texts you match updates even though you never asked for it.

3. The girl whose only contribution to the football fever is “Gosh, that footballer is sooo hot!”

4. The guy who starts an unnecessary fight by comparing football to other sports.

5. The guy who reads articles on the Football matches and posts huge excerpt from the articles as their Facebook updates.

6. The guy who shows up for work wearing a generic ‘team’ jersey even though he cannot name a single player in the team.

7. The ones who don’t give a shit enough to watch the matches live but see the highlights the next day and get super excited!

8. The guys who launch into severe criticism of high profile players calling them “good for nothing club stars”.

9. The guys who keep playing the Football songs out loud to show how much they love the game.

10. The ones who have too many questions. ‘Who’s that guy?’ ‘What’s the point tally right now’ ‘Is that a goal?’

11. The guy who stops watching after the team they’re supporting gets kicked out in the second week.

12. The people who start giving the whole ‘When will India make it big in Football?’ speech.

13. The guy who cannot stop talking about his favourite team even after they’ve lost.

14. People who change their Facebook display to show support for their team!

15. And lastly, the hardcore true blue football fans who need football RIGHT NOW, every day, every second of their lives – the fans who celebrate the true spirit of the game.

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