When it comes to sporting culture, there are few countries that do it quite as well the Aussies do. But when it comes to drinks at the cricket, there’s no question it’s the Aussies on top, as personified by their former PM himself, Bob Hawke.

The 88-year-old former Prime Minister was spotted at the SCG holding a drink while enjoying the last Test match between Australia and England. And then, this happened.

Just a bit of background, the man was apparently also the world record holder for fastest drinking of a yard of beer, downing 1.4 litres in just 11 seconds!

While he’s not as fast as he used to be, this has also become something of a tradition, with Mr. Hawke downing a beer at the SCG more than once, including this time in 2012, when the Indian team were visiting.

“One for the country!”, is all it took to convince him to chug it down.

And then there’s us, who can barely hold our alcohol after a single bottle. Cheers to you, Bob!