Former India hockey legend and the captain of the Indian national side, Balbir Singh Sr passed away on Monday after multiple health complications.

His demise was announced by the director of Fortis Hospital in Mohali and later by his grandson Kabir.

Balbir Singh was the manager of the only Indian side to win World Cup victory in 1975 and his record for most goals by an individual player in an Olympic final (made in 1952, Helsinki), remains unbeaten.

He was conferred with Olympics gold medal thrice in London (1948), Helsinki (1952) and Melbourne (1956). 

Apart from this he was honoured with Padma Shri in 1957.

Balbir Singh was admitted in the hospital on May 8 with bronchial pneumonia and ended up having a blood clot in his brain eventually.

He suffered 3 cardiac arrests in his treatment of 17-day treatment. 

With his demise, Indian sports has lost one of its gems.