Things are usually pretty tense on the cricket field so occasional goof-ups and banter are a welcome change. Here are some which never fail to make us laugh.

1. Can you imagine someone managing to get dismissed like this: Wicket-keeper tries to hit the stumps, fails. Ball goes into the hands of the bowler who also tries to hit, but fails. The ball again reaches the wicket-keeper, who does it this time.

Third time's the charm, yeah? Certainly when Amit Mishra is running between the wickets. You can watch the video from IPL 2014 here.

amit mishra funny run out
Source: Cricket Country

2. Speaking of funny dismissals, Pakistan's Azhar Ali went to the middle of the pitch to talk to his partner, thinking that he has hit Aussie Peter Siddle's delivery for a 4 in a 2018 Test. Guess what, he hadn't and Tim Paine conveniently dislodged the bails. 

Here's Azhar and his partner Asad Shafiq looking at Paine doing his thing. 

azhar ali funny dismissal
Source: Indian Express

3. The Australians got lucky there but every day isn't that good. Especially when you're playing against Indians in India. This reminds us of a hilarious conversation between Ravindra Jadeja and Matthew Wade where the latter thought that the abuse m*darch*d means 'hello'.

Wade: What does M*******d mean?

Jadeja: I don’t know. You should ask somebody.

Wade: I have to ask?

Jadeja: Yes.

Wade: Would you tell what it means? I don’t know why you called me m*******d. 

Jadeja: Did I tell you?

Wade: Yeah. You called me m*******d. That is why I want to know what it is.

Jadeja: I don’t know.

Wade: Is it hello?

Jadeja: No. I didn’t tell you anything.

Wade: No. You told me that.

Jadeja wade argument
Source: Reddit

4. Now, we don't want to make fun of any player getting injured but you have to see this video of New Zealand's Mark Richardson falling on the ground after experiencing a bad cramp. In our defence, it was so funny and dramatic that the entire Indian team started laughing.

5. However, nothing can be more hilarious than Javed Miandad jumping on the pitch after a fight with Kiran More.

 Make some space for the classics.

6. In another funny incident, Steve Waugh was getting ready to face a ball from Jamie Siddons during a Sheffield Shield match and took too much time. Irritated by that, Siddons said, "For fuck’s sake, mate, it’s not a fucken test match". To which Waugh replied, "Of course it’s not. You’re here".


steve waugh sledging incident
Source: Cricket Country

7. Apparently, during a warm-up match between India and Australia, Anil Kumble ran so slow to the ball that by the time he reached, the batsmen had already scored 4 runs. So he did what needed to be done, he threw the ball to the boundary so that even if they go for the 5th run, they are awarded 4 according to the rules.

Anil Kumble trying to take a catch
Source: Indian Express

8. When Yasir Shah lost his pants trying to stop a boundary. Gotta appreciate the dedication, though.

yasir shah loses his pants while diving
Source: The Indiagent News Times

9. When Tillakaratne Dilshan got carried away while appealing and forgot that what goes up, comes down with equal force. 

And ends up hitting you on the head.

10. Finally, a goof-up from the legends of the game, Sachin and Anil Kumble. The two couldn't figure out which direction they need to run and gave the opponents two run-out chances on the platter.

Everyone can't win but everyone can laugh.