9 years ago MS Dhoni hit a six on April 2, and nothing has been the same since then. 

With that six, he won us the World Cup.


And given India’s passion for cricket, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the image of Dhoni hitting the final shot has become iconic. People use it everywhere.

WE use it everywhere.

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Everyone uses it everywhere.

And Gautam Gambhir might be a little upset about this ‘obsession’.

Now, I sort of empathise with him. I get it. 

He also played an important role in winning us the World Cup, which more often than not, doesn’t get mentioned. But this is no way to express displeasure.

Also, when it comes to sports, people tend to latch on to certain moments. It happens all the time, and doesn’t necessarily mean that one player’s contribution is bigger than the other.

Earlier, Gambhir had said that it was because of Dhoni that he couldn’t complete his century in the World Cup final and got out for 97.

You see, Dhoni apparently told him ‘get these 3 runs and your 100 would be completed’. Which seems like a normal thing to say, but then, Gambhir…

Gambhir, everyone knows you tried your best, and we are grateful. But our ‘obsession’ with THAT six is not going to die. EVER.