So the thing is, it’s correct that Gautam Gambhir doesn’t get as much due for his 2011 World Cup final heroics as he should. 

After all these years, it is still Dhoni who is remembered for the final and Yuvraj for the tournament. But see, in Dhoni’s case, there are reasons.

It is in the context of all his achievements, his excellent finishes, and his overall loveable personality. 

Now, that may be a little difficult for Gambhir to understand because time and again, he keeps bringing up the whole thing. 

After blaming Dhoni for the hundred he couldn’t make, Gambhir changed his DP to a picture from the 2011 WC on Mahi’s birthday, yesterday.

Facebook/Gautam Gambhir

Which wasn’t a coincidence, please. We all know Gambhir well enough to know that. Here are some of the reactions to Gambhir’s behaviour.

Got your point, Gambhir.