Cricket fans in Guwahati showed some real grit by apologizing to the Australian Cricket team for the utterly shameful attack on their bus. 

Hundreds of youngsters armed with ‘sorry’ posters stood waiting outside the team’s hotel and the airport on Wednesday morning to extend their apology.  

And naturally, as soon as these incredible images hit twitter, they became viral! 

On Tuesday evening, the Australian team was left baffled after their bus was attacked with stones by few miscreants. Their window was shattered into pieces after the team claimed victory over India in a Twenty20 match.  

Though the incident left the entire nation down, by apologizing for no fault of theirs, these youngsters in Guwahati ended up making us and every sport lover proud!

So much so, that Australian cricketer Moises Henriques also took to Twitter to appreciate the support and ‘good vibes’ from the fans. 

And now, reports have emerged that Gorchuk police has succeeded in arresting two youths on Wednesday morning for allegedly attacking the bus. 

Now let’s hope that India wins the next match. 

(Feature image source: Twitter)