For decades, Harsha Bhogle has given words to the feelings of every cricket-obsessed person. 

And the reason behind millions of people resonating with his thoughts, is that he truly loves the game. Which is also presumably why he has stuck around for so long, and still seems to enjoy himself just as much as he did years ago.

Harsha Bhogle is an encyclopedia of cricket. A walking, talking archive of moments, some of which he keeps sharing on his Facebook page.

So, we decided to dig up his account a bit and found some posts that will take you back in time.

In his most recent one, he shares what happened during the first Indian commentary feed for India’s tour of England. The photo is from 1996, and Harsha is accompanied by Ravi Shastri, who retired in 1992.

Then we have a photo of Harsha himself, from one of the cricket matches he played during his advertising career. 

As he says, they won.

Then we have this 24-year-old picture of him and Jonty Rhodes, taken before the cricket World Cup, 1996. He says that Jonty was very nice and even demonstrated some of his ‘back-to-the-thrower’ tricks.

And this, of course, is his picture from early commentary days in 1983-84. He was still a student then and had to do a lot of travelling for this gig. 

Another wonderful throwback picture is this one, from 1990, which is when he went for his first tour of England. How different does the team look!

While this one is from the days when he used to play for Osmania University, Hyderabad. Must have been good to see his own name in the list.

Harsha keeps sharing rare photos, like this one. Here you can see none other than Amitabh Bachchan playing cricket.

And he posts interesting facts, too.

Here’s a relatively recent behind the scenes photo for those who can never get over the historic Kolkata Test (no one can, let’s be real).

And a throwback like none other.

I learnt at least 10 new things just by scrolling through his feed.