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Cricket is a religion in India, and we are its ardent followers. While almost every match begins and ends with our hands folded hoping for the best, there’s no denying that luck and superstitions go hand in hand with being a cricket fan. 

You know what I’m talking about. The small practices you subconsciously picked up over the years and now just can’t let go because what if they actually help our favourite teams kick ass? 

To remind you of these, here are 8 crazy superstitions every cricket fan follows. 

1. Not watching the match at all. 

This is a rather humble way of accepting that you might be the problem. On the bright side, atleast someone is getting the whole, “It’s not you, it’s me” speech. 

2. Come hail, rain, or snow, you do not budge.  

Some of us do not get up. At all. Why would you do that and risk everything? Just because your bladder is on the verge of bursting?! 

3. Eating a particular snack. 

Just like the video above, a number of us actually do this! We’ll be chomping on a snack during a game, we win, and it’s decided. That’s all we eat from now on whenever the team plays.  

Now that you think of it, maybe Dark Fantasy Cookies are the reason RCB is kicking up a storm this season. They’ve even made it to the playoffs this season! Keeping in mind this is their first collaboration, there’s no doubt that Dark Fantasy Cookies have surely proven lucky for the team. I mean all I gotta say is, if you’re an RCB fan, start munching already because Dark Fantasy “Lucky Hai.” 

4. Lucky clothes. 

I have this orange tee shirt I wear every time my favourite team is playing. I’m convinced it’s worked like 80% of the time. That counts right? 

5. Clutching onto a lucky charm of sorts. 

It can be anything; a stone, a coin, even your pet, that has the power to overrule the forces of nature, destiny and fate. Yeah, hold on real tight. 

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6. Angling the TV. 

This one is followed by the ones beyond saving. Positioning your TV based on Vaastu Shashtra is the real-est deal. 

7. Not talking. 

Happily followed till your team is not batting. Because then you gotta create hurdles between your fellow match watcher’s prayers and God, ok?

8. Not changing your seating position, spot, or posture during the game.

Hello there cramps, my old friend. If a wicket fell while I was stretching or yawning, you best believe I’m gonna stay like that. 

So, my fellow cricket fanatics, which superstitions do you follow?