Hima Das - along with Muhammed Anas Arokia Rajiv and MR Poovamma - had won a silver in the 4x400 mixed relay at the Asian Games 2018.

Source: India.com

In a good news for India, that might be upgraded to gold after one of the sprinters from winner team Bahrain - Kemi Adekoya - tested positive in the dope test and was handed a ban for 4 years.

Source: Qed

Kemi Adekoya is one of Bahrain's best sprinter who won also won a gold in 400m hurdles - an event she specialises in. 

Source: Latest Talks

India had lodged a complaint against team Bahrain right after the race but it was turned down by the officials.

Once all the processes are complete, Hima Das' Asian Games gold tally will reach 4 medals, out of which 2 will be gold - as opposed to one now.