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In a country like ours, cricket is no less than a religion. So it’s no surprise that we find ourselves glued to the screens while all the post-match highlights are discussed. And let’s face it, we’ve grown used to seeing a methodical and analytic approach with Harsha Bhogle and Ian Chappell on screen. But here’s a captain who is taking match highlights to a whole new level of cool.

Just recently, we spoke about RCB’s newly appointed fun ‘Captain Morgan‘ whose locker room pep-talk cracked us all up. This time, he’s back with a punny take on highlights with our beloved captain Virat Kohli. And truth be told, they’ve summed up the match pretty well! Looking at their pun-on-pun duet, it seems the captains are on a different ball (and bat) game altogether. Trust me, the way it’s been done, you wouldn’t want to go back to the old highlights. After all, you don’t get to see a captain calling captain every day!