So the rain gods haven’t been kind to cricket fans lately. The World Test Championship finale between India and New Zealand is all set to be washed out, despite the reserve day in place. 

India Today

Yup, there’s the 6th day to accommodate rains and bad weather and the general loss of overs but it doesn’t look like a single day could make sure two and a half innings of Test Cricket could be completed.

Times of India

So, when it inevitably leads to a washed-out draw, what happens to the trophy? Who lifts it? Do they use some weird rules to declare the team with most boundaries as the winner? 

Fortunately, for the sake of sanity, this is Test Cricket and the ICC cannot make a mockery of the process as it did with the World Cup final between England and New Zealand. 

India Today

So, if the match does end in a draw, both teams will be declared the ICC World Test Champions and will share the mace. Clause 16.3.3 of ICC’s WTC ‘Playing Conditions’ states that: 

If the match is drawn, tied or abandoned, the teams shall be declared joint winners of the ICC World TestChampionship.

I just feel sad for New Zealand. This would be their third ICC tournament finale where they haven’t really actually won.