Cricket is not just a religion in India. A sport that brings different cultures together, no matter what part of the country we are from. We breathe as one and bleed blue as one. Children, youngsters, elders of all castes and classes come together and cheer for India. The tiranga flies true and proud and the chants of “India, India” is like music to our ears. The fervour we show is second to none and here are 15 reasons why we, Indians, are the best fans in the world:

1. We flock in thousands no matter where the match is

Indians are everywhere in the world. No matter where the match is played, we always seem to be the home side.

Source: indiatoday

2. Our national anthem echoes around the stadium with all fans singing their hearts out

Goosebumps are guaranteed when the words of our beautiful anthem come out in unison.


3. Our signs are the best and the most creative

Over the years, Indian fans have come up with some of the best and most inspiring quotes to grace the placards we see in the crowd.

Source: quora

4. A crowd can sit around a 15 inch TV to watch the entire match

So what if we could not make it to the stadium, such is our dedication that an entire colony can sit in one room and watch the game.

Source: nbcnews

5. When the match is on, our offices are shut and the roads are empty

We have to be in front of the TV or at the stadium from the toss to the last ball. It’s like a public holiday, one we all take.

Source: thetimes

6. We have the weirdest but the best totkas in the world

“Okay India is batting, everyone get your faces painted and cross your fingers throughout the innings.”

Source: pinterest

7. We treat cricketers like idols and literally worship them

If Sachin would have been born in any other country, he would not have been proclaimed God. That is purely our commitment to his greatness.

Source: mid-day

8. We can’t hear a word against our team

Forget the average Indian supporter, ex-cricketers & commentators are such huge fans that they can’t hear a word against team India. Remember what Harsha Bhogle said when Nasser Hussain said India never make it to the football World Cup?

Source: scoopwhoop

9. Our sheer volume can win half the battle

Cricketers have known to have faltered just because of the intimidating noise we create around the ground.

Source: asiapacific

10. We don’t care about the medium, we have to know how the match is going

A rich man walking by a tea stall will pause and ask the chai wala listening to a half broken radio “bhaiya, score kya hua hai?” and he will oblige.


11. We remember all the figures and incidents accurately

Remember when Ganguly took off his shirt at Lord’s? That was the best way of telling the English, “We can conquer on your home turf too.”

Source: khelnama

12. We make the stadium a sea of blue and Indian flags

It is hard to spot spectators of other team. Seeing our flags flutter throughout the stadium is a morale booster for the team.

Source: ndtv

13. We keep faith in our players till the very end

“India’s struggling? It’s okay, Dhoni is still there. He will get us through.”


14. We raid the streets after a big win

Who can forget the 2011 World Cup victory? The streets were swamped with fans going crazy.

Source: thehindu

15. We don’t care about what time the match is, we have to watch it

“I don’t care if it is at 6 in the morning. I’ll be in front of the TV no matter what.”

Source: erudio.mag

Our country is plagued by many problems, there is hatred and unresolved anger in all of us. But when India plays cricket, we forget all that; it is our respite from normal life and no matter where we are and who we are with, we all cheer together. There is no better image than our team celebrating on the pitch after a victory, for in that moment they too are just fans of our great nation and try to serve it in the best way they can.