I have always thought my luck is bad, like it rains every time I wear white sneakers. That bad.

But giving me tough competition is the New Zealand cricket team that isn’t quite getting the hang of super overs. Quite. At all.

I mean, these boys are the sweetest, so you kinda feel bad for them – but only so much when your team is their opponent.

What happened in the third T20I was a reminder of the World Cup final where the Kiwis lost to England due to a lower boundary count, after the match and the super over both ended in a tie.

Thankfully, things stopped at the super over this time around (thanks to Rohit Sharma scoring 10 runs in 2 balls), but that isn’t to say that the match wasn’t straight up crazy.

Needing 3 runs in 5 balls, after a 6 on the first ball of the last over, New Zealand had the match. They just had it. But thanks to amazing death-over bowling by Shami, victory was denied. 

He took two crucial wickets, one being on the last ball.

Later in the super-over, they were not necessarily bad, but honestly, I trusted their jinx more than our luck and I wasn’t wrong.

In the end, India won the match and that is what matters. You have our hearts, Kiwis, though, and we hope that this jinx breaks soon (not against us).