To say we Indians are crazy about cricket would be an understatement of extraordinary proportions. We live, breathe and die by the sport. And yes, we also like to diss the IPL whenever we get the opportunity to. But really, deep down inside, we love the Indian Premier League. Really, we do. And here’s why:

1. We finally get to cheer the Australians on.

Let’s be honest. The Aussies have got this reputation of being sore losers and hardly the most gracious of players. But you could also attribute some of this ill feeling to a little bit of jealousy. We finally get to cheer on these winning machines .


2. It’s non-stop entertainment.

Game after game of epic sportsmanship and nail biting finishes.

3. It’s the one time a Ranchi boy becomes a Tamilian superstar.

For almost two glorious months, MS Dhoni, the local Ranchi boy becomes the toast of Chennai.


4. The chance to see young talent emerge.

Granted that for the purists, the Ranji Trophy is always the arena where young talent cuts its teeth. But the IPL is the place where we really get to see them in action. Sarfaraz Khan anyone?


5. The comeback kings.

It’s also the perfect scenario for the players to make their way back into the game. I’m talking Gambhir. I’m talking Yuvraj. I’m talking Sehwag. Okay, maybe not Sehwag.


6. The evolution of the game.

Face it. The game has changed. We thought we’d seen it all. Switch hits, slower bouncers, reverse paddle sweeps and now, this:

7. The super-human feats of acrobatics we see on the field.

I mean, you gotta give credit where it’s due. Without the IPL, it would’ve been a while before we saw stuff like this:

8. Or this:

9. The drama.

Before the IPL, you could’ve been excused for thinking the 22 yard pitch was the site of some of the longest and weirdest staring contests we’ve seen. But now? Fights, tantrums, you name it, we’ve got it.

10. It’s every cricket fan’s Fantasy League come to life.

Don’t believe me? Have a look at the Mumbai Indians coaching roster for a taste: Ricky Ponting, Shane Bond, Jonty Rhodes, Anil Kumble and Sachin Tendulkar. Drool.

Souce: DNAIndia , Rediff , Zimbio , SantaBanta , India

11. The Epic Match Ups

Watching AB De Villiers take the crease with Virat Kohli is one thing. But watching the South African take on arguably the world’s best bowler and his team mate, Dale Steyn? Madness.

12. The break neck action.

T-20 cricket was created for one reason only. To change the speed of the game. Agreed, there’s just something else about the purity of the Test and even One Day cricket, but the crazy speed of the IPL is addictive. Come on, you know it is.

13. And of course, i t’s another reason to get together with friends and enjoy a beer.


So, when’s the next game?

Feature Image: Rediff

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