What luck do you have to be born with, to be pitched against against Roger Federer in the first match of your Grand Slam career? I think we can all agree that only the luckiest ones get that privilege. Yes, the chances of victory are slim but to begin your career on a high like that – it’s quite phenomenal.

I am certain these must be the thoughts in the head of 22-year-old Sumit Nagal who played his first senior Grand Slam match against Roger Federer, earlier today.

Actually, you know what? Maybe Not. The way he played, he looked pretty determined to defeat Federer and succeeded in giving him a scare by defeating the legend in the first set 6-4.

Sumit ultimately went down 4-6, 6-1, 6-2, 6-4 but showed great spirit and it’s something people can’t stop appreciating.

Sumit might not have won but he can say the first set of his career was a win against the mighty Roger Federer