The newly built Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Village in Harumi is currently hosting the athletes from around the world. The games are being held with all the safety measures in place and this is what the village looks like with its one-of-a-kind infrastructural facilities.

1. There’s separate housing facilitiy for athletes from different countries.

You can see the national flags hanging from apartment balconies.

2. There are 21 towers, 14-18 stories high, with a total of 3,600 rooms housing 11,000 athletes.

3. Each bedroom is furnished with a special Games blanket, AC units, and cardboard beds.


4. The dining hall is open 24/7.

The two-floor Main Dining Hall is one of the more expansive buildings in the Village and offers 700 food options. 

The tables are separated by plexiglass barriers.

5. The machines in the fitness centre also separated by plexiglass barriers.


6. The security checkpoints have temperature checks and sanitizing stations.


7. There’s a separate fever clinic for COVID-19 testing.


8. The entire village is situated on waterfront.

9. Autonomous cars to move around the village.

10. Flag walkways and the Olympic rings.

11. Views from the rooms.

12. Drinks anytime, anywhere for free.

13. The recreation center.

Several videos showing behind the scenes of the Olympic village are also doing rounds on social media.