Yuzvendra Chahal, the brilliant bowler, a former chess player, anchor of world-famous Chahal TV is an over-all entertainer. 

If you follow him on social media, you know that he is quite relatable and everything he does or says, seems like something we could all do. Here are some instances of the same. 

1. When he had this uncontrollable urge to annoy Rohit Sharma and Martin Guptill. He went and said, “What’s up, boys”. 

But it was Guptill’s response there which made the headlines.

2. When tried to shoot his shot by leaving this message on Katrina Kaif’s Instagram live.

3. When he tried to distract Virat Kohli during his conversation with Sunil Chhetri and kept commenting, until the cricket captain responded. 

4. When he was full of confidence and said he’d beat Virat, the bowler.

5. When he made this TikTok with his family, because well, there is not much to do in lockdown anyway.

6. When he silenced Chris Gayle with a joke we all make when someone says something weird.


7. When he got his dad to contribute to his antics.

8. And when he got together his teammates for this routine because TikTok is life…or used to be.

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Off field performance on point 🕺

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9. When he couldn’t stop himself from cuddling this cute dog at the stadium.

10. And lastly, how he never leaves any opportunity to troll his ‘big brother’ Rohit Sharma.

Recently, when Rohit posted about Real Madrid’s La Liga win, Yuzvendra posted this comment that went viral.

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