While MS Dhoni has been absent from the field for a while now, there is a very young cricketer who seems to be carrying forward his legacy. 

We are talking about 7-year-old Pari Sharma, who is being hailed for her helicopter shot, as seen in a video shared by cricketer-turned-commentators Aakash Chopra and Sanjay Manjrekar. 

While Aakash called her a ‘thunderbolt’.

Manjrekar said he was happy to see the shot, made famous by Dhoni, being practiced by the youngsters. 

Dhoni’s famous helicopter shot is his trademark, where there is usage of wrist and circling around of the bat on completion as the ball is sent flying in the air. 

Pari’s brilliant execution of the same has garnered a lot of praise by many.  

This is not the first time Pari has garnered appreciation for her talent, though. On April 21, ESPN had shared a clip of her playing cricket and the same was shared by many cricketers, who went as far as saying that they envied her technique. 

Pari is coached by her father who told The Indian Express

I have been training Pari at home since she was four years old. It was my dream to make it big as a cricketer, now I hope my daughter fulfils my unrealised dream. These days, she plays with 14 to 15-year-old boys in training at local cricket academies.

That’s some serious amount of talent.