There’s no doubt that cricket is treated like a religion in our nation and fans get offended quite easily when it comes to this sport. While, at times and to some extent, their anger does make sense, sometimes, it is absolutely unreasonable.

In a recent event, fans were pissed at a cricketer for returning home to welcome his new-born child.

Credits: Twitter

Jasprit Bumrah, who was supposed to be a part of The Asia Cup 2023 match against Nepal today, had to return to his home for the birth of his first child, Angad, with his wife, Sanjana Ganesan.

Fans, who were looking forward to the fast bowler’s performance on the pitch, were furious with him for “prioritizing” his family over the match.

A fan drew a comparison between Jasprit Bumrah and MS Dhoni, as the latter chose to stick with the team instead of going home during the birth of his first child, Ziva, during The World Cup 2015.

However, several other fans defended the cricketer and wrote that he made the right decision.

It’s 2023, and we are still debating why a ‘father’ took a break from his ‘work’ to witness the birth of his child. It’s high time that these ‘fans’ grow up!