One of Indian cricket’s best documented matches, has a hero. Hero like the ones from the 80s Bollywood. He is an underdog, who goes on to win it all.

I am talking about Joginder Sharma, the man whose face is etched in every Indian’s memory – thanks to 6 deliveries, the last 6 deliveries of the maiden T20 World Cup final.

Times of India

Joginder won us the World Cup and became an overnight star. Only to be declared a one-time wonder, as he was never able to recreate that magic on the cricket field again.

However, our hero is back and this time in a new role: As a police inspector on duty in Hisar, Haryana.

Joginder Sharma, the DSP with Haryana Police, can be found on roads every day, requesting people to stay inside and politely refusing selfies and autographs.

Asked if people frequently recognise him, he tells ESPN Cricinfo:

Many people do – by reading the name plate on my uniform, since I wear a mask these days. Many want selfies and autographs, but I tell them that they need to wait till this is over.

Adding that cricket is hardly on his mind right now.

Most of my day I am busy with police work. Once I am home I need to keep track of the news and the data related to the coronavirus cases. I need to keep tabs on how many cases there are, the number of people who are in quarantine, if there is anyone sick among those in quarantine, and so on. I need to monitor and collate all this data and send it onward.

The job of a policeman comes with a lot of other responsibilities too. While taking care of law and order, Joginder also has to make sure that he doesn’t put his family at risk.

For that reason, he is currently not visiting his home which is only a few hours of drive away.

India’s fight against the virus is nowhere even close to getting over, but with people like Joginder on the frontline, there is some hope.

Because if there’s anything we know about him, it’s the fact that he performs the best under pressure.

You can read the complete interview on ESPN Cricinfo website here.