Diwali is fast approaching and the festival which is famous for bursting firecrackers has once again raised concerns over the impact it has on the environment. Owing to the rise in air pollution caused by firecrackers, the Supreme Court on Monday put a ban on the sale of crackers in Delhi-NCR till November 1.

This ban prompted a reaction from Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh who took to Twitter, requesting his fans to refrain from using crackers this Diwali in order to make India a better place to live. The southpaw requested fans to celebrate the festival by lighting up diyas and raised the health issues posed due to heightened air pollution during Diwali.

However, Singh’s fans did not take his plea very well. Many trolled him for his celebrity lifestyle and for using wooden bats, cars and air conditioners that also contribute to environmental pollution. Few instructed him to mind his own business, while others questioned why he was silent during Bakri Eid.

Air pollution has become a severe health problem in India with majority of cities registering pollution level higher than prescribed standards. According to a report in Quartz, 1.1 million people died in India in 2015 due to severe health hazards caused by air pollution.

Feature image: AFP