Team India, let us just say it wasn’t our day. We couldn’t do what was needed, we couldn’t take that final leap. 

Outlook India

But that doesn’t mean your country isn’t proud of you. 

In fact, it is prouder than it has ever been before. 

You entered the final for the first time, and did so without losing even once. 


Yes, when the defeat came, it was at the most unfortunate time – but that is life, and well, sports. 

India Today

It is not easy to represent the country at the highest level, and we know that because a lot of us don’t even have the nerve to watch crucial moments of important matches. 

When things become too tense, we often switch off our TVs, we sometimes go outside. 

You don’t have that option. Once you show up for the match, you have to be on the field till the very end, even if all hopes are lost. 

Indian Express

It takes courage to do that, and that is what makes you different from most of us. You are far braver. 

Which is something no one ever doubted.  

You have overcome many hurdles in life, and sent the difficulties outside the stadium with sweeping shots that we are in awe of.  


So winning the World Cup is more a matter of when than if.  

And while we can’t wait for that moment, today, let us celebrate you for your undying passion for the sport. 

The cricket Times

Every day, you teach us how to truly love cricket, and even though we couldn’t win the match today, this love certainly did. I’d say that is a victory bigger than any other. 

Now let us give you a heroes’ welcome, because that is what you are.