Donald Trump is in India and chances are very high that you already know every thing, from his itinerary to what he is going to eat on his visit.

You also, most likely, know about his remarkable speech which was all about America loving India, DDLJ and cricket.

The US president went straight for things that we Indians obsess over, which seemed like a smart move until he started pronouncing things incorrectly.

For instance, 'Sachin' became 'Soochin' - something that didn't go down well with people - Indians or otherwise. Former English cricketer Kevin Pietersen was one of them.

Taking a dig at Piers Morgan, he tweeted:

Though Kevin wasn't the only one to express displeasure over the issue. Here are some other reactions of Twitter users, angry that Donald Trump would not know how to pronounce the name of a legend like Sachin Tendulkar.

It surely can't be tough to pronounce 'Sachin' if you don't have any problem with 'Melania'. Just saying.