Kevin Pietersen is seen as a typical badass in the world of cricket. The South Africa-born England cricketer has been involved in all sorts of controversies. But all that will be temporarily forgotten after this fantastic gesture from KP. Rohan Uthra, a 11-year-old budding cricketer of Indian origin from Cheshire, England wanted a one-on-one session with the batsman.

The little boy was disappointed to learn that it cost £10,000 for a coaching session with Pietersen. And so, Rohan wrote to his idol.

Kevin was evidently touched by the letter and promptly posted it on Facebook. He also had a reply for little Rohan.

That is mighty nice of you, Kevin. This single gesture outdoes everything else they say about you. Don’t care about them. After all, haters gonna hate!

Good guy Kevin Pietersen.