The good days of Breakfast with Champions are back! The 7th season of the popular show, hosted by Gaurav Kapur, was released on YouTube today, and KL Rahul was the guest in the first episode.

KL started by telling the story behind his name. He said that his mother told him she named him after Shah Rukh Khan’s famous character.

Well, that turned out to be a lie.

He then talked about his simple but fairly free upbringing. He said that his parents never stopped him from playing cricket but yes, they would have wanted him to complete his education. It’s still something his mother asks her very successful cricketer son to do.

Now, Rahul may not have a degree but he has a job at the RBI – something he jokingly says his parents take more pride in.

KL then discussed his equation with his teammates who are also his close friends. Hardik, he says, is someone who can make anyone comfortable with his warmth. Meanwhile, AB de Villiers, his IPL teammate at one point, is someone who continues to be his idol.

Moving on to his career, he was if ever considered doing anything else. To that he said:

Lastly, he described the way in which he got the chance to captain the Test side for the first time. This happened during India’s tour of South Africa in 2022.

KL said he felt like he was at the right place when he wore the skipper’s blazer.

Gaurav and KL discuss all this and more in this sweet, wholesome interview. You can watch it here.