KL Rahul is undoubtedly the man of the hour. After becoming the fourth-fastest player to score 4000 runs in the Twenty20 format, the cricketer finally decided to address the controversy he made headlines with in 2019. The infamous Koffee With Karan controversy got him suspended from the Indian Cricket Team but now, since a considerable period of time has passed, he decided to address it in his latest interview with GQ. 

He spoke about recovering from the episode and realising how invested he was in cricket. 

Now, after a year, when people say ‘time heals’, ‘everything happens for the best’ etc, these clichéd lines start to feel true. I personally needed a hit like that to wake up and know which direction I’m going in. I realised I wasn’t good at anything else [except cricket]. I was too far into this, I’d chosen what I have to do and I had to give it everything. From there, my focus became better. It made me stronger and more disciplined.  

-KL Rahul

He went on to speak about the hard work that goes behind making the country proud and the constant fear that surrounds being in the public eye. 

People talk like they have so much to lose, but we have everything to lose if we don’t perform.

-KL Rahul

KL Rahul added that as a 25 year old, he doesn’t want to let life pass him by. The cricketer, despite the controversy is back with a bang, on and off the field. KL Rahul is finally ready to step out of the shadows and his interview proves just that.

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Images courtesy – GQ