The world is full of bizarre anecdotes that become lifetime memories. Now that Qatar World Cup in Qatar has got us all fanatical about football, it’s an ideal time to look back at epic match moments of the past. Do you know, once Malta played Linkin Park’s Numb instead of the country’s national anthem?

In 2014, ahead of a football match between Malta and Slovakia, a Linkin Park song was accidentally played in place of the country’s national anthem. Apparently, the person responsible had erroneously put his iPod on reshuffle mode and connected it to the sound system, unknowingly.

And the love for the band was so strong that it did not even take 3 seconds for players to recognise what song was being played. They laughed, and the misadventure is still remembered as one of the iconic goof-ups from a football match.

This ‘legendary’ memory was recently shared by @StoolFootball‘s Twitter handle. Take note of how people reacted.

But this ain’t the only time a mistake like this happened. In 2019, ahead of France vs Albania football match, the national anthem of Andorra was played instead of Albania’s. But wait, it doesn’t end there! It got worse when the announcer apologized to ARMENIAN fans. Can you believe it?

Guess I’ll leave you with: I’ve become so numb; I can’t feel you there…”

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