The 2022 FIFA World Cup was the epitome of joy, in a lot of ways. And the final wasn’t any less. After the tense match against France, Argentina celebrated its victory with the same energy with which it played the match. Of course, the man of the moment, Lionel Messi was overjoyed.

Nicolas Otamendi shared a video on Instagram, showing the dressing room moments after the match. The team was celebrating with drinks and music, and then Messi entered with the trophy. He joined the party and climbed onto the table to dance with the trophy in his hand. This not only seems like something fun, but also a major event that fans and the world will go back to.

Lionel Messi
Source: Instagram

Fans were already elated throughout the World Cup and after the victory. But this video has clearly added to their excitement.

FIFA World Cup
Source: Instagram

Watch the complete video:

Argentina’s win and Messi’s performance have left fans with joyousness, which is understandable.