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Only A True Messi Fan Will Be Able To Get More Than 5 On This Quiz

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I feel like when you admire someone of Lionel Messi's stature, words like fan and supporter don't do much justice to what you feel you are. If you have felt the same way, you also probably know a lot about him. Here we will test that knowledge. We are pretty certain that only true 'fans' will be able to score more than 5 in this quiz.

1. In which year did Messi score his first goal in El Clasico?

2. In which month did Messi become the captain of Argentina?

3. Messi sent Gerd Mueller a shirt after he broke the German's record of scoring the most goals in a calendar year. What did he write on that shirt?

4. The term Messidependencia was coined by the media to explain how much Barcelona depends on Messi. When was it coined?

5. Messi, Neymar, and Suarez scored 122 goals in the 2014-2015 season. How many goals did Messi score alone?

6. How many minutes did it take Messi to score his fastest hat-trick?

7. How long did Messi stay on the field for in his international debut?

8. What was the margin between his Ballon d’or votes and Ronaldo's in 2009?

9. What is Messi's favourite thing to eat?

10. Messi had another dog before Hulk. What was his name?


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