There are things that only Lionel Messi can do. They are called ‘Messi things’. 

This was a ‘Messi thing’. 

In the La Liga tie between Atletico Madrid and Barcelona, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner made his opponents look like they are playing in a college friendly. 

That’s something because the opponents were Filipe Luis and Antoine Griezmann; latter being one of the contenders for Ballon d’Or this time. 

I don’t think Luis was prepared for the kind of nutmeg he was subjected to, just like everyone watching the match. 

But then, as I said, ‘Messi things’. 

As for Griezmann, let’s just say he must be thanking his stars to be in contention for the most prestigious trophy in football with the man who stole the ball in front of his eyes, leaving him helpless.

Messi’s controls ball better than I have controlled anything in my entire life. 

I will watch that video to sleep, tonight. Thanks, Messi.