Imagine this: You’re in a marathon. You have been running for a while now and exhaustion is starting to reach out to different parts of your body. You are running out of breath but you know you got to keep going. Meanwhile, you see a fellow marathon runner giving up due to extreme exhaustion, about to collapse. What do you do?

“Help the fellow runner”, some would say, but this is easier said than done. Sacrificing your own race and helping another person can be a tricky decision to make, not to forget, a very selfless one as well. But, in a recently held London Marathon, Matthew Rees stopped 200 metres short of the finishing line to help a fellow athlete, David Wyeth finish his race. 

Wyeth’s legs began to buckle as he approached the finishing line as the gruelling 26-mile course began to take its toll.

But Rees, disregarding his own finish, showed Wyeth the way and helped him cross the finish line. 

Since then, Rees is being hailed as a ‘hero’ on Twitter, for his selfless act.

Watch the video here.

This is called true sportsmanship. Proud to co-exist alongside you, Rees.