It’s the IPL season and MS Dhoni has been all over the internet again, but this time it is for his singing. My Instagram feed is flooded with appreciation for the new ad for an e-bike brand, in which MSD could be seen riding the e-bike. He is joyously singing Bole jo Koyal while a couple of CGI Koyals are in awe of Captain Cool’s singing (and choice of vehicle). 

Since it has surfaced on the official social media accounts of Suresh Raina and the e-bike brand, the internet can’t stop talking about this ad. We can’t get enough of Thala singing either. The ad even has a cheeky reference to the “Thala for a reason” trend. What’s not to like there?

Cricket fans and meme lovers must be well aware of this song’s connection with Mahi. It was not long ago when a clip of him dancing to the beats of Bole Jo Koyal took the internet by storm.

Though it was an altered video (he was originally performing to a different song), it soon became like a theme song for the former Indian Captain. There were clips everywhere of him walking into the pitch to bat and this song being played in the stadium. It became such a phenomenon that Influencer Ranveer Allahbadia asked several guest cricketers like Rayudu and Ishant Sharma about this song’s connection with MSD.

The creators of this ad Aakash Shah and Naveed Manakkodan (both ex-AIB) have expressed through their social media how the very existence of this ad is a miracle. They start the post with “This ad will not get made but idea phir bhi sunn lo”. This ad is a representation of the changing, much ‘cooler’ times. It has also garnered tons of praise from netizens and artists alike on social media.

Pop culture has always inspired memes. Now we have entered an era where meme culture has inspired and swiftly been converted into a pop cultural element. 

The ad has indeed hit it out of the park, like the Helicopter Shot.