Vijay Mallya acknowledged the massive media coverage of him attending the India vs Pakistan Champions Trophy match and, even though he called it ‘sensational’, he added that he will be cheering for India throughout their title defense.

Mallya was photographed watching India’s 124-run win in Edgbaston and was also seen having a chat with cricket legend Sunil Gavaskar. This came weeks after he was arrested by Scotland Yard on behalf of Indian authorities in relation to multiple cases of financial default against him. Mallya was let go on bail but has avoided appearing at hearings despite legal notices.

Not only did he attend the game, he also went to Virat Kohli’s charity event later in London, which was held to raise funds for Justice and Care organisation. The organisation works against human trafficking.

Mallya is the former owner of Royal Challengers Bangalore but still owns Formula One team Force India, which operates from the UK.

And while his intentions to cheer for Team India are all well and good, Twitter reminded him that if he really wanted to make the country happy, he should clear the thousands of crores he owes banks.