It’s a very weird phenomena in India. Somehow a large portion of the populous feels that if a cricketer messes up in a game, it is the fault of his better half. Remember when everyone was pointing fingers at Anushka Sharma for one failed performance from Virat Kohli at the 2015 World Cup? Do you really think that’s why he failed in the semifinal against Australia?

And you know what happened next. Kohli himself had to jump in to shut everyone up with this:

And let’s face it, he rarely disappoints with the bat anymore. But the fact that he had to come out & rescue her from all the criticism is just, like he said, a ‘SHAME’!

A few days ago, on Saturday, 27th August, India & West Indies were part of an epic encounter in Florida, USA. A total of 489 runs were scored in 40 overs. In such high scoring games, some bowlers are bound to become the target of some hard-hitting shots. In this case, it was Stuart Binny who was whacked for 32 runs in a single over, with 5 sixes by an in-form Evin Lewis.


So, you can guess what followed. Binny was trolled left, right & centre on Twitter. And the worst part was that most of these tweets included or were directed at his wife – Mayanti Langer – who was anchoring the panel show during the match.


As if she wasn’t having a hard time already, have a look at what the general mood of twitteratis was that night:

While many thought this was funny, very few thought of how it would affect the families of those included in the trolling – Stuart Binny & Mayanti Langer.

When no one else decided to stand up for them, Mayanti took it upon herself to shut those people up with a very graceful post. 

The elegance of her post shows the difference between those who trolled and herself. 

Pure class, Mayanti!