A five-year-old girl’s stellar skating performance at the step of the Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium in Kaloor is now the recent buzz of Instagram. While some people are talking about her terrific confidence, many are highlighting her continuous effort without conceding defeat even though she missed the target three times.


The clip of her performance was shared on Instagram by Skate Kochi. After making an accurate landing on her fourth jump, tears welled up in her eyes. The clip has already been shared by many celebrities.

Janaki is the second daughter of her expatriate parents, Anand Thampi and Jincy Anand. She also has her own Instagram page, skate_janzz, that is handled by her mother. 


She started skating at an early age when she saw her brother, Rehan, skating. Starting from Kovalam, Janaki will be touring five South Indian states including Kerala with her skating board to promote sports among girls.

Shine bright, little rockstar!