I want you to imagine something today. Imagine that there is an athlete, a shooter, who is competing at the Olympics all right?

This athlete has won 3 Olympic medals, including one silver and two gold medals.

Now imagine some random man telling this athlete that her stance isn’t correct. Just imagine!

This is exactly what has happened to Olympian Vitalina Igorevna Batsarashkina of Russia, whose body posture has been a topic of discussion on social media.

I have no words for the audacity shown by men in the comment section, who actually think they know her sport better than she does.

It gives me chills to think what I’d achieve if I had even a fraction of this kind of self-assurance in me. 

Vitalina Batsarashkina won the 10m and 25m air pistol competitions, becoming one of the most celebrated athletes from across the world at the Olympics. 

But no, men must tell her how to…stand! 

This behaviour was soon noticed by others who came to her defense, and thank God for that because the level of stupidity in the comment section was making my head reel.

What will it take to get these entitled, delusional men to shut up?