Virat Kohli is known as this fierce, aggressive sportsman who wouldn’t even mind swearing at the opponents right in their faces.

From flipping the finger to the foreign crowd booing him to yelling, “bhencho” in disappointment whenever he got out early.

It’s no surprise why Kohli has such an intimidating image. 


In fact his aggression is so contagious that even the opponent’s skipper couldn’t resist it.

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But, former Australian captain, Michael Clarke has an entirely different image of the aggressively passionate Indian skipper.


While speaking at the launch of his autobiography in Kolkata, Clarke spoke about how Kohli had come for the funeral of Phil Hughes who died during a game just before India’s 2014-15 tour to Australia.


According to a report in Sportskeeda, he said:

The way Virat handled that situation, he came for the funeral and had some of the Indian players too. I have utmost respect for him because of that.

He was also impressed by the fact that Indian players were absolutely understanding about the first Test being postponed from December 4 to December 9 in Adelaide.

This is clearly above the game of cricket and they didn’t need to postpone the game. They could not have turned up for the funeral. They didn’t have to do anything that they did. I will always remember that.

We might care for the ICC World Ranking but we also should appreciate the sportsmanship of our men in blue.


Dear Team India and BCCI, kudos!